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Experts List Wei Jie
Specialty: Economic research
Vocation: Well-known economist
Workplace: Tsinghua University
Send Message Taili Wang
Specialty: General Corporate and Commercial Law.etc.
Vocation: Lawyer ,Legal Expert (New York Bar; Chinese Bar)
Workplace: Beijing
Send Message Zhang Jun
Specialty: Anti-dumping,Corporate,International Trade
Vocation: Lawyer
Workplace: Noronha Advogados
Send Message Zhang Jing
Specialty: Industry and economy research
Vocation: Industry expert
Workplace: Beijing, China Trade Association & Chambers of Commerce
Send Message Chen Liangzhao
Specialty: Taxation Accounting Audit Economic law
Vocation: Tax agent
Workplace: Tianjian Tax Firm
Send Message Coffee Kong
Specialty: Bonded warehouse, processing trade
Vocation: Consulting
Workplace: Beijing
Send Message Zhang Daokui
Specialty: Enterprise Strategy and Marketing
Vocation: Senior Counselor
Workplace: Beijing
Send Message Wang Jinsheng
Specialty: Management Finance
Vocation: Manager
Workplace: Shanghai
Send Message Zheng Jingpu
Specialty: Enterprise Management and Financial Management
Vocation: Manager
Workplace: Beijing
Send Message Song Yuenan
Specialty: Logistics
Vocation: Master
Workplace: China
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