DEXIN GUANGDA (Beijing) Trading Co. Ltd.


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Companies producing and marketing full machines

Country: China
City: Beijing
Company name: DEXIN GUANGDA (Beijing) Trading Co., Ltd. Overseas trade sector
Contact address: Chongwen District in Beijing, China, a hundred-wing Mart,Xuanwu District,Beijing,Beijing
Postcode: 100075
Contact person: fanguangfanguang
Contact telephone: 0086-10-87801231
Fax: 0086-10-87801231
Website:   http://
Business: bathrobe,Robert,,
Company introduction: DEXIN GUANGDA (Beijing) Trading Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary company of HaiYun Garment Factory which located in Xingcheng, Liaoning, undertaking all business of HaiYun Garment Factory in China and aborad. HaiYun Garment Factory located in the beautiful coastal city - Xingcheng, which is among the city's north-south artery. Founded in August 2000 and with more than 100 employees, we are professional on designing and manufacturing bathrobe, one-off sauna clothes, High-end pajamas, technician clothes, uniform of the nightclub. Liaoning HaiYun Garment Factory have sound management, advanced technology, professional and perfect equipments. Upholding "credibility first, quality first" as our business philosophy, we are in good faith to serve the customers. Cooperating with excellent supplier, we are directly involved in raw materials R & D to help companies design for the brand-style fabric, and color patterns to ensure that the unique nature and superiority of fabric.
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