Grand Hardware Manufacturing Factory


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Companies producing and marketing parts

Country: China
City: Tj
Company name: Grand Hardware Manufacturing Factory
Contact address: No.30 Beichang Rd,Hedong District
Postcode: 300171
Contact person: Jianping Liu
Contact telephone: 0086-137-52443963
Business: precision parts for machines.
Company introduction: Grand Hardware Manufacturing Factory specializes in the manufacturing casting, losing wax casting process and can manufacture stainless steel, carbon steel, allow steel and some non-ferrous metal castings, precision parts, precision casting, auto parts, spare parts, machine parts, cnc machining, sand casting, die casting, stamping casting, which serve automatic, chemical food machine, hardware, marine hardware, kitchen cast iron cookware and other tools. Annual output could exceed 700tons. Our customers come from North Europe including German.Italy.France ect. We can produce all kinds of hardware, as long as you give us your chart and then we will try our best hard to meet your specific requirement. Yours faithfully Jianping Liu (tonyliu1983 at yahoo dot com dot cn)
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