ShenZhen City Yike Create wealth Science Co., Ltd


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Country: China
Company name: ShenZhen City Yike Create wealth Science Co., Ltd
Contact address: Nanshan District, Shenzhen City Golden Coast Building A-2718
Postcode: 518052
Contact person: Tian
Contact telephone: 86-0755-81808840
Fax: 86-0755-81808841
Business: MP3 downloader vending machine& downloader soft
Company introduction: ShenZhen City Yike Create wealth Science Co., Ltd . is specialized in business software, in particular, business investment in high-tech enterprise software development, committed to the popularization of new technology applications, the popularity of the cause. mp3 downloader /mp3 gas station /MP3 downloader vending machine& downloader soft is too beautiful for mobile multimedia downloads of mp3 music downloads machine Company headquarters based in Shenzhen, integrate the latest scientific and technological achievements at home and abroad, fashion trends and consumer information, careful filtering of the latest technological achievements in the computer industry, through Danjingjielv the development, the integration of all types of operating systems and peripheral equipment, high-tech conversion A popular, integrated and intelligent investment in Taiwan. The company launched the campaign is too beautiful to download MP3 music downloaded to the machine from simple photo printing, and highly integrated module Block structure, greatly enhancing the stability of the equipment, for the majority of music lovers open up a new channel to download, convenient and quick, great to meet the individual needs of the download. With a strong technical support and excellent product quality, "too beautiful," the market has been sought after and recognized the authority of the industry. mp3 downloads of mp3 stations mp3-download mp3 stations mp3 download mp3 of gas stations All along, to ensure the synchronization technology and market demand, Iridium technology in creating wealth by "science and technology as the root" of the operating principles, who generously in technology spending. Iridium technology to create wealth by oath to quality service, superb technology, a customer trusted long-term partner
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