Fastener Products will be Excluded from Inspection Catalog


According the announcement from Jiaxing Entry-Exit Inspection and quarantine bureau on 24, Dec, 2008, inspection catalog of import and export commodities will be adjusted from 1, January, 2009. There will be 640 ten digital HS excluding from inspection catalog while 354 included in inspection catalog. Following fastener products will be in the excluded products list:
7318110000    square head screws 
7318120000    other wood screws 
7318130000    Hook screws and ring screws
 7318140000    self tapping screws
 7318150000    other screws and bolts ( with or without nuts or washers)
 7318160000    Nuts 
7318210000    spring washers and other lock washers 
7318220000    other washers
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