47 Domestic Enterprises Apply for Antidumping Investigation against EU Fasteners


China's Ministry of Commerce started an anti-dumping investigation into carbon steel fasteners imported from the European Union (EU) on 29, Dec, 2008, the country's latest response to the latter's proposed high anti-dumping duties on Chinese fastener exports.
Until now, there are 47 domestic enterprises applying for the investigation, most of which are private enterprises. It is one of China antidumping investigations against foreign products with the most complainants since 2001.
According to source, the investigated enterprises are mostly German enterprises. China has some evidences on hand at present. Carbon steel fastener imports from EU have increased greatly with declining price, which result in adverse impact on China carbon steel fasteners. As to the antidumping duty, China's Ministry of Commerce will make the decision after examination.
Source: www.ChinaFastener.com
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