Heavy Equipment Manufacture Aiming Scarce Produce Market


The   financial crisis has the impact for the minerals profession, had with to have to develop finally gives up the purchase which developed to the strength, in Henan the letter heavy industry succeeds actually takes the former the first list which purchased in the Chinese mechanical device, the round international dealer directly to this family world mining industry giant provides one to have the China proprietary intellectual property rights ore wash equipment.

The letter heavy industry way to success lies in its product in international market scarcity.At present, Chinese Large quantities of Equipment Company taking advantage of the national impetus readjustment of the economic structure opportunity, develops in the international market through the technological innovation the scarce product, from this and obtains successfully.

Letter heavy industry mechanical limited liability company general manager no matter what seeps said newly: "A current equipment manufacturing industry prominent technological development tendency is the extreme manufacture, on the one hand is to the ultramicro ultra fine development, on the other hand is to the ultra great overload development, large-scale will cast the forging the production supply will be the global character extremely scarce strategic resources."

Up to November 20, letter heavy industry increases this year orders 20,000,000,000 Yuan, was last year increases the ordering 2.9 times, postponed the implementation besides 460,000,000 Yuan order forms, until now, has not appeared any example to remove the list.Company sells the income to estimate this year may amount to 8,000,000,000 Yuan, is the historical best level.

Has in the situation in the recent three month domestic economy which the speed-up postpones, the letter heavy industry launches an attack decisively, starts 4 technological transformations project continuously, involves invests more than 20 hundred million Yuan.This month 18th, a 18500 ton free forging hydraulic press which makes jointly by the letter heavy industry and the German national prestige Pu gram hydraulic pressure company starts to install, it the global biggest free forging hydraulic press, the complete machine again amounts to 4000 tons until now, once the next year April will succeed tests a car and goes into production, the enterprise will have forges 400 tons above forgings abilities.At the appointed time, domestic domains and so on electric power, petrification, metallurgy large-scale will cast the forging long-term dependence import the aspect to be hopeful obtain the alleviation.

No matter what seeps said newly: "More is in the economical rough period, more is must use the current low cost superiority to speed up the technological transformations, promotes the global scarce productive forces, like this can guarantee the enterprise the long-term competitive power, enables the enterprise to have the opportunity to grasp the market recovery taking the initiative."

The professional analyzes, future 10-15 year will be China advances the industrialization the crucial phase, profession and so on electric power, petrification, metallurgy, ships fast development has bred the huge demand for the heavy casting.

According to the national nuclear electricity medium and long-term development plan, to 2020 the nuclear electricity installed capacity achieved 40,000,000 kilowatts, in the recent two years already or soon began the construction two generation of advanced versions and three generation of 1,000,000 kilowatt level hudian units above 20.The rough estimate, average each operation constructs 10 hudian units, large-scale casts the forging market above 3,000,000,000 Yuan.

In addition, the country increases the nearly 400 University of Taiwan water and electricity unit in 15 years the water and electricity development plan and newly built and transforms more than 20 thousand 10 thousand-ton refinery complexes the plans also to be able to stimulate enormously large-scale casts the forging the demand.

Makes the whole world scarce productivity using the technological innovation also is the Chinese first heavy duty machinery group company prosperous sharp weapon.Earlier this year, the Chinese single layer and German SMS Corporation designs jointly, the independent manufacture completes the world to be biggest, the precision highest 5.5 meter wide thick plate rolling mill, at present, only then Germany and Japan and so on few countries can make.Future, the Chinese single layer also will complete the world in a big way to cast the forging steel base, will form yearly produces 5 sets of 1,000,000 kilowatt nuclear electricity and conventional island high and low pressure rotor forging productivity.

The people note, postpones, in the economic situation day by day stern situation in the global economy, some foreign enterprise stepped up in abundance with the Chinese Domestic Superiority Enterprise's communication.The Simens Austria's steel association metallurgy technology recently to started from 2002 for it to provide the conticaster part the Chinese single layer to award "the year long-term cooperation prize"; World of a German Hong fort three big cement equipment engineering firms sent out representative to seek the cooperation recently with the letter heavy industry in Luoyang.

Letter heavy industry deputy general manager Wang Jisheng said that,"Under the financial crisis in Asia impact, our enterprise once fell into 8 years difficult position, longest stopped issuing the wages for 19 half a month.

But this time, the workshop 24 hours do not shut down, next year order form all already saturated.Created this kind of transformation an important reason to lie in the company to aim at in the competition scarce resources, has made the core productive forces."
No matter what seeps pointed out newly, these year very many overseas established brand heavy equipment enterprise all puts up a factory through the foreign investment realizes the manufacturing industry shift, finally causes the project duty to have to sublet world each place.He said that,"Our superiority lay in both grasps the manufacture large-scale to cast the forging the core technologies, and had the integrity production craft, therefore could achieve the time limit for a project to be short, the quality was good, the price negotiations was also unyielding."
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