Zoomlion Launches 1,100tm Saddle-jib


Zoomlion has launched its largest tower crane, the 1100tm-class D1100-42/64. The monster crane has a maximum jib radius of 80m (minimum: 6.5m), and maximum height under hook of 92m. Maximum lifting capacity is 63t in six-fall operation, 42t in four-fall operation, or 21t in two-fall operation.

The benefit of the crane is claimed to be the short connection between the 4 X 4m tower and the slewing ring support. Hence installation height for mobile assisting cranes is lower.

The crane's hoist is powered by a 132kW motor. Lifting speeds range from 67.5m/min for loads up to 4t capacity on two falls of rope to 27m/min for 21t loads down to 9m/min for maximum capacity 63t on six falls.

Maximum in-service wind speed is 20m/s; for climbing 14m/s. Tower crane sections for climbing slide into the climbing cage.
Source: Cranes Today Magazine
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