EU Impose 25% Provisional Antidumping Duty on Wire Rod Imports from China


According to reports from China Trade Remedy Information, on 15th, January, 2009, EU committee decides to impose 25% provisional anti-dumping duty on metal wire rod imports from China.
EU committee initiated antidumping investigation on steel wire rods imports from China in May, 2008. The investigation targets included similar product imports from Turkey and Moldova.
However, one speaker from European Confederation of Iron and Steel Industries confirms that EU provisional antidumping duty is just applied for China imports.
EU antidumping investigation period usually lasts for one year, or no longer than 15 months. EU committee can adapt provisional antidumping measure before the definitive decision come out. The period of imposing provisional antidumping duty usually lasts for 6 to 9 months, while the period of the definitive antidumping duty generally lasts for 5 years and the definitive antidumping duty should be approved by EU member countries.
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