Terex Cranes Offers a Whole Range of Tower Cranes


The Terex Comedil tower crane range features lifting capacities between 1t and 40t and is produced in Italy. Terex Comedil is considered the pioneer of flat top cranes. The product portfolio also includes a range of quick assembly cranes and luffing jib tower cranes.

Flat top tower cranes
Terex Comedil's portfolio of flat top cranes ranges from 51 to 720 meter tons with jib lengths of 25 to 85 meters. Flat top cranes offer several advantages especially when several tower cranes work simultaneously in a confined space on large construction sites or if used in the immediate vicinity of airports or in extreme situations such as in industrial halls. Without the "tops" of conventional tower cranes, several meters of assembly height can be saved and therefore tower cranes can, in general, be stacked lower.
The benefit for the user: fewer tower segments, smaller tower systems or, alternatively, no special tower combinations and, therefore, lower investment costs.

Another advantage of the lower installation is more flexibility in the choice of the mobile crane required for assembly. As a result of lower overall height and more favourable individual weights of assembly containers, smaller mobile cranes with less lifting capacity and boom length may be used. For example, a 100-ton mobile crane can be used in lieu of a 160-ton mobile crane. The lack of a head and anchor poles make the work of the assemblers easier and saves assembly time.

Assembly and bolting of the crane systems is easily carried out since assembly platforms are integrated in the tower segments. There is no need for draping of assembly platforms, which can be time-consuming.

Flat top cranes made by Terex Comedil offer low-cost transport and quick assembly with fewer complete sub-assemblies. The upper crane, which has been pre-assembled, can be installed with only four auto crane hoists: slewing platform with cabin system, counter jib, jib heel section with hoist and trolley winch gear unit as well as a trolley with lifting crane hooks including reeving ropes and the (pre-assembled) jib. The assembly work performed at height is thereby kept to a minimum.

Alternatively, the upper crane can also be assembled in individual steps at height ¨C depending on the amount of available space on the construction site or the availability of a large mobile crane.

Thanks to the modular concept for tower and jib elements as well as cruciform bases, the crane can be customized, depending on its use. The jib components can be used for either small or large cranes. The use of modern control technology and frequency converters for hoist, trolley and slewing gear drives provides smooth and efficient lifting operation. The new cabins offer an excellent view of the load and the construction site and have been ergonomically designed.

Quick assembly cranes
The selection of quick assembly cranes ranges from 18 to 40 meter tons and offers jibs of up to 40m. The CBR Plus series consists of a transport unit which is ready for assembly with a tower and jib package, complete reeving ropes and central ballast. Loading in containers is possible due to the compact design. The well-designed assembly kinematics provide secure installation, even in tight spaces. The cranes feature state-of-the-art technology: The switch cabinets are integrated in the central ballast and the drive components are fully enclosed. A compatible transport axle with ABE (road homologation) is available for road transportation. The standard frequency converters for hoisting, trolley and slewing gear help making crane operations smooth and precise. All cranes are equipped with remote radio control.

Luffing jib tower cranes
Specially developed for urban use, the CTL class offers jibs with an outstanding reach without requiring too much room for slewing motions ¨C a special advantage if many cranes are to work on high-rise building and power plant sites. CTL cranes can work without a bulky base given their mobile counterweight system. The integrated AWLR system promotes quick work cycles and easy handling.

About Terex
Terex Corporation is a diversified global manufacturer with 2007 net sales of more than $9.1 billion. Terex operates in four business segments: Terex Aerial Work Platforms, Terex Construction, Terex Cranes, and Terex Materials Processing & Mining. Terex manufactures a broad range of equipment for use in various industries, including the construction, infrastructure, quarrying, mining, shipping, transportation, refining, and utility industries. Terex offers a complete line of financial products and services to assist in the acquisition of Terex equipment through Terex Financial Services. More information on Terex can be found at www.terex.com.
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