Thermal Evaporation Metallizer


Thermal Evaporation Metallizer
Double Door Vertical Type Thermal Evaporation metallizer is operated by the principle of thermal evaporation by resistance heating that can be used for coating metallic films and gold-imitative films on the pre-treated plastics, ceramics and others in order to obtain bright and good-looking results with lower cost. This machine is extensively used in the fields of Arts & Crafts industries, decoration or upholstery, toy-making, etc.
Its double doors structure enables the highly efficiency of substrates feeding-discharge and coating simultaneously.
The machine equipped with high-vacuum diffusion pumps, roots pump, sliding valve pumps or rotary pumps composed of vacuum group, is the customers superior choice for vacuum metallizers of decoration purposes.
All the vacuum metallizers are environmental protection products without any pollution to nature and sooner or later will replace traditional galvanization industries.
Contact: Alex Li
Delivery Time: 90
Min Order Quantity: 1set
Company Profile
Business Type: Manufacturer
Country: China Brands: China Circle
Focus Markets: World
Factory Location: Zhaoqing, China
Type of Machinery: Vacuum Metallizers
Certificates: ISO9001/2001
Contact Information
Company Name: China Guangdong Vacuum Metallizer Manufacturer Co.,
Country: China
Address: No.1 duanzhou Road, Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province, China
Contact Person: Mr. Alex Li (Marketing Manager)

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