Sliding Valve Vacuum Pump


Sliding Valve Vacuum pump
This equipment is a double stages pump for evacuating air from a hermetical chamber to obtain vacuum condition. It is a new generation of vacuum pump improved on the basis of rotary vane pump against adverse condition such as dusty condition. With unique oil path and drainage structure, it can be used in a more extensive range to evacuate air containing some dust. Its drainage structure makes it possible to conveniently operate only by opening the drainage sealing board, no need to remove the pump from vacuum system.
It can be used for vacuum obtaining, drying, melting, degassing & molding in electronics, food, chemistry and architecture industries, etc, can serve individually or as a fore pump of pressure-increasing pump, oil-diffused pump and molecular pump.
1) Low vibration, low noise by optimizing design and matching weigh
2) Supply oil singly to baring seal house, because the baring seal house and the pump house is be fenced out, it is avoided that the impurity come into the baring seal house, that beget the baring and seal to be shattered prematurely.
3) According as the consumer requisition, the subsidiary oil box can be equipped, it can make the oil cooling and the impurity separating.
4) The motor is on top of the pump besides the old model H-150. Compact structure, fewer dimension control clearance.
Its main technical data attached herein for your reference.
Example: Model H-150 Sliding Valve Vacuum Pump
Place of Origin: Zhaoqing, China
Brand: China Circle
Unit Price: USD 2800
Port: FOB Shenzhen
Packing: wooden case
Payment Terms: L/C;D/A;T/T;M/T;D/D;D/P
Delivery Time: 20
Min Order Quantity: 5sets
Standard / Certificates: ISO9001/2001
Company Profile
Business Type: Manufacturer
Country: China
Brands: China Circle
Focus Markets: World
Factory Location: Zhaoqing, China
Type of Machinery: Vacuum Metallizers
Certificates: ISO9001/2001
Contact Information
Company Name: China Guangdong Vacuum Metallizer Manufacturer Co.,
Country: China
Address: No.1 duanzhou Road, Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province, China
Contact Person: Mr. Alex Li (Marketing Manager)
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