Black Engine Oil Regeneration, Oil Purification, Oil Recycling System


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LYE Complete Vacuum Black Engine Oil Purification
LYE Series oil filter machines cannot only remove the carbon particles, deep oxides, etc., but also can filter off the harmful matters such as colloid, bitumen.
After treated by the machines, the color of the treated oils looks like the new one, the quality indexes are improved also, so as to resume the performance of engine oil, keep the engine being lubricated, guarantee lubricating system of engine to work properly and prolong service life of engine oil.
The series machines are special for recycling kinds of engine oil used in ships, cars and other vehicles.
1. Strong capability of breaking emulsification.
2. The combination of coalescing separation and vacuum dewatering.
3. More Deeply and precisely FH rectangle filtering system. The oil will reach to the new oils nature when it was purified.
4. Zhongnengs unique technology with H.P.M high molecule absorption material.
5. Besides the common vacuum oil purifiers function of dewatering, degassing and eliminating impurities and this machine can regenerate the seriously deteriorated oil by removing the polarity materials, such as the deep oxides, free carbon in the oil effectively.
We offer oil purifier machines as:
1. Insulating oil purifier
2. Turbine oil purifier
3. Lubricating oil purifier
4. Engine oil purifier
5. Diesel oil, gasoline oil and fuel oil purifier
6. Transformer oil regeneration device
7. Oil purifier especially for Hydraulic oil and lubricating oil
8. Cook Oil Purification System
9. PL Plate pressure oil purifier
10. JL Portable oil purifying
11. YD Water oil separator, oil purifier machine
Place of Origin: China
Brand: Zn
Packing: wooden case
Payment Terms: L/C;T/T
Delivery Time: 30
Min Order Quantity: 1set
Standard / Certificates: CE, ISO9001
Company Profile
Business Type: Manufacturer
Country: China
Brands: Zhongneng
Focus Markets: Europe, America Existing Markets: Middle East, Asia, Oceania Factory Location: China Certificates: CE, ISO9001
Adopt Duplex stereo-evaportion technology and Technology
Double infrared lines fluid level auto-control system
Carbon fiber infrared heating system
Apply trapezoidal spiral automatic back flushing system
Adopt distinctive removing impurities technology that takes double FH trapezoidal network
Contact Information
Company Name: Zn Oil Purifier Filtration Manufacture Co., Ltd
Country: China
Address: 13 Torch Ave, Jiulongpo District, Chongqing, China
Contact Person: Ms. Serissa Chou (Sales Manager)
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