Breakstone Sprinkle Machine


Product Introduction
Crushed stone mechanical spreader by the high standard dusting uniformity substitution arduous artificial work, eliminates the environmental pollution. It has already widespread applied in maintains project in the highway construction and road.
Gravel scatterable machine eliminate the environmental pollution by using a high standard of scatterable evenness replace heavy manual work, it has been widely used in highway construction and highway maintenance projects. Its reasonable and reliable design ensures the accuracy of scatter width and thickness, and electrical control is stable and reliable. This machine can be used for the road-construction projects about the closure of the road, from top to bottom, permeability layer, asphalt surface treatment and asphalt pouring surface etc.
Model: Coaler-B315
Switches quantity: 12
Spray width: 3.15m
Aggregate material specifications: S3-S40
Spraying quantity: 2m3-35m3/km2/h; 18km2/h
Installation methods: Back hang
Mechanical Structure:
Spreading machine make up of seven parts: block feeding system, material door opening system, material door control system, parabolic feeding system, feeding system, the operator workstations, control box .hung on the dump truck. Throwing cloth Chips in an Inverted trip way, thus is standard, convenient, uniform, efficient.
Place of Origin: China
Brand: Coaler
Packing: Wooden crate
Payment Terms: L/C;T/T
Delivery Time: 15-30 
Min Order Quantity: 1 set
Standard / Certificates: ISO 9001
Company Profile
Business Type: Manufacturer
Country: China
Brands: Coaler
Contact Information
Company Name: Reey Road Incorporation Ltd.
Country: China
Address: Room 508, Jingui Building, No.195 Renmin Road, Xinxiang city, Henan Province, China
Contact Person: Mr. Joey Wong (Manager)
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