Rock Drill Tools & Equipments


The following is our company's products list/range:
Various types of (Air-leg) rock drill (YT23/23D/19A/24/27/28)etc,
chisel type bits(tungsten, carbide)
cross type bits("+"-type bits&"X"-type bits,)
button bits(with different buttons flushing holes on top&side)
tapered drill rod,
Threaded Bits (Cross & Button Type),
shank adapter ,
extesion rod ,
bits and adapter coupling,
coal cutter drilling tools,
pneumatic drill rods,
integal drill rods,
Self-Drilling Rock Bolting Tools:
Rock Bolting Rod, Steel Cross Bits,
Rock Drilling Tools for Quarrying, Mining,
Tapered Drilling Rods, Tapered Bits (Chisel, Cross & Button Type)
Rock Drilling Tools for Quarrying, Mining, Tunneling Indust
Rock Drilling Tools for Geological Prospecting:
Thread coupling sleeves,
Coal bits,
Mid-hollow rock drill steel bar,
Expanding hole drill equipment,
Rock drill rods,
Thread extension drill rods,
coupling sleeves,
If you are interested in the products above, please feel free to contact us via addition, we still produce all kinds of drill bits according to your demand or drawing or picture. In order to facilitate our business negotiation,you could join me on your contact list,my MSN address is
Place of Origin: China
Brand: Dalishen
Port: FOB Tianjin
Payment Terms: ;T/T
Delivery Time: 6
Min Order Quantity: negotiable
Standard / Certificates: ISO9001:2000
Company Profile
Business Type: Manufacturer
Country: China
Brands: Dalishen
Principal Customers: Worldwide
Focus Markets: Worldwide
Factory Location: Hebei Province
Type of Machinery: Yt19/19a/2323d/24/27/28
Certificates: ISO9001:2000
Contact Information
Company Name: Tianjin Qiangli Pneumatic Tools Commerce&trade Co., Ltd
Country: China
Address: Room 605, Huake Enterprise Pioneer Center,No.3 Kaihua Road, Huayuan Industrial Park, Nankai District, Tianjin, China
Contact Person: Ms. Tina Chang (Foreign Sale Dept)
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